Everybody in Missouri Should have a Durable Power of Attorney

Everyone in Missouri who is age 18 or over should have a Durable Power of Attorney. It doesn’t matter is you have $10 million or just $10. Most of us will be disabled sometime during our life, and will need someone to handle things for us.
An existing client came to see us last week.  We had done all of their work for them a few months ago, and they felt comfortable they had taken care of all they needed to. Unfortunately their 40 year old, single son had a stroke, and is now disabled, perhaps for live. And, of course, he hadn’t taken care of anything. We are hopeful that he will recover to the point where he’ll be able to at least sign a Durable Power of Attorney, but we don’t know.
Don’t wait. Do it now. Insist that your children, brothers, sister, etc., all execute one. They may need to do more, but that’s a different story.

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