Is My Missouri Trust or Will Valid When I Move to Another State?

The general rule is that a Will or Trust is valid anywhere if it is valid “where executed, when executed”. That being said, however, if you are moving from Missouri to another state it is always a good idea to see a competent Estate Planning lawyer in your new state. This is particularly true if you are moving to a “Community Property” state. Community Property States tend to be in the Southwest and West. The law in Common Law states, oversimplified, comes from England, and the law in Community Property states comes from Spain.

Community Property states tend to be in the Southwest and West.

If you are moving to or from Louisiana, you absolutely need to see a lawyer, and as soon as you can. The law there comes from France, and is termed “Civil Law”.

The distinctions between the forms of law may or may not be significant, depending upon your particular situation.

If you need the name of an attorney to speak with in your new state we can assist, just let us know.

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