Getting Started on your Missouri Estate Plan

To begin your estate planning process with our office you need to do two things. First, you need to schedule an appointment. You may do that from this link, or you can call us.  Be certain that you allow enough time to complete our Data Gathering Form - usually a week or so.

Next, you need to fill out our data gathering form. If possible, please get this to our office 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment -- HOWEVER, don't let this prevent you from coming in. Just bring it with you if need be. There will likely be some questions that won't apply to you, or that are confusing. Just skip them and move on. Although the form may seem intimidating, we find that most people can complete it in less than 30 minutes. Click on the clipboard to the right to download it. You may fill it out online, email it to us, or print it and mail or fax to us. You can also print it out and fill it in by hand if you wish.

Having trouble? If you wish, just call us at 816-628-4900 or 800-494-2218